3D Asset

Food pack

34x high quality scans

value: $175

price: $50

3DBee Food Pack

34 quality scans essential for visualizations

The food pack includes veggies, sweet confectioneries, fruit from all walks of life, and other essentials for visualizations that need a good peppering of food assets in general. The material setup has translucency and SSS integrated to give your renders that extra touch of tastiness. These scans have been optimized for quad oriented topology and come with complete spec/gloss texture sets.

  • Raw format: FBX
  • Formats via app: V-Ray, Corona, FStorm, Arnold
  • Textures: 8k+
  • Geometry: quads
  • Download options: website & app
  • Raw format: FBX
  • Formats via app: V-Ray, Corona, FStorm, Arnold
  • Textures: 8k+
  • Geometry: quads
  • Download options: website & app

Content of the food pack

  • 1Eggs
  • 2Eclair
  • 3Bun 21
  • 4Bun 13
  • 5Bun 10
  • 6Bun 12
  • 7Red banana open
  • 8Apple 07
  • 9Peach 2
  • 10Apple 14
  • 11Orange 02
  • 12Orange open 02
  • 13Peel of orange
  • 14Raspberries
  • 15Pineapple
  • 16Pear 3
  • 17Onion 4
  • 18Lemon 05
  • 19Corn 03
  • 20Leek 1
  • 21Cucumber 01
  • 22Pumpkin 6
  • 23Purple kohlrabi
  • 24Red onion 3
  • 25Tomato 05
  • 26Red sweet pepper
  • 27Garlic
  • 28Graham bread
  • 29Croissant with poppy seeds
  • 30Finger food 4
  • 31Finger food 3
  • 32Finger food 1

3DBee food assets in action

Pawel Biskup

Michael Medvedi

Slice Cube

Tomasz Sobol

Léandre Hounnaké

Rozairo Fernando

Pawel Biskup
Slice Cube
Léandre Hounnaké
Michael Medvedi
Tomasz Sobol
Rozairo Fernando

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Value when assets are purchased individually: $175

food pack price: $50

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