Kitchens can be one of the trickiest spaces to visualize from scratch. Apart from racks, tables modules, and chairs, there’s a multitude of appliances that are essential to the room but can be a real challenge to model. Our bees have your back, though! Here is a list of our highlighted assets for kitchens.


Perfect for almost any kitchen home, these assets were made with the utmost care and attention to detail. Save yourself hours of modeling by adding these appliances to your scenes instead!

A Retro Style Blender for any homemaker’s kitchen!
Can’t have a kitchen or pantry without a reliable coffee machine to brew that sweet nectar of productivity!
For the more discerning coffee drinker, here’s a lovely espresso machine!
For the busy bee, here’s a compact Gas Stove!
A stylish Nordic Kettle for when you feel like brewing tea in your turtle-neck sweater.
Compact and versatile, here’s a modern oven for any kitchen space!
A Retro Toaster to soften up your kitchen space.


Here are some collections of modular storage units based on popular interior design styles




And that’s a wrap for this first monthly roundup! We’ll be keeping you posted of any new developments at the end of each month, and for more assets and freebies, be sure to browse our entire collection over at 3DBee.IT!

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